My name is Monika Lipińska and I am an architect from Poland. However, I design for planet Earth and beyond, what makes me a Space Architect.

The most important for me as an architect, is the quest for new concepts answering people needs and technological and natural constraints. I believe that architects should know how to protect the health and safety of people. Thus, as an architect I want to respond to present and future global challenges. I would love to take part in an expedition to discover where we, as civilisation, can go.

I have graduated from Lund University in Sweden with a Master of Science in Architecture with specialisation in spatial experiments; extreme environments, computational design, additive manufacturing. I am very interested in multidisciplinary research, working with people from various backgrounds and merging many different disciplines, what is crucial especially when it comes to space architecture. Recently, I have started Master of Space Studies at International Space University in Strasbourg. It gives me an opportunity to realise extremely inspiring projects, on various scales and spheres of actions, together with amazing people. Being inspired by technical possibilities and humans achievements allows me to design beyond the stereotypes of what architecture is considered to be.

During and after my bachelor studies in Poland and Italy, besides study projects and competitions, I was focused on gaining experience and discovering various approaches to design. I was working in very multi-cultural environments, in architectural offices in Tokyo, Copenhagen, San Francisco and space architecture office, Liquifer Systems Group in Vienna. Presently, simultaneously with my studies and research work on space architecture, I work as a Creative Director at Lipinscy Domy - architectural company in Poland, designing habitats for planet Earth ;)